Helmut Newton shot of Barbara with the Australian band INXS.


Barbara With Helmut Newton


"Student Nurses" (1970)

Vampirella cover #

Vampirella Cover #67

Vampirella cover #76

Vampirella cover #77

Barbara with Steve McQueen "Junior Bonner"

Barbara with Steve McQueen between
scenes of "Junior Bonner"

True Romance Magazine cover

Playgirl Magazine cover with Joe
Lewis (Heavy Weight Karate 
Champion of the World) 1974

British Sterling ad with
Tom Selleck

"Pretty Maids All In A Row"

"Student Nurses" (1970)

Elle Magazine cover

Peterbuilt Truck Ad

Barbara with Rock Hudson

Barbara (1998)


"Seven" series with Bill Smith



Miss Clairol Ad

Miss Clairol Ad (1971)

"Pretty Maids All In A Row" Lobby Card (1971)

Barbara with Director Roger Vadim
"Pretty Maids All In A Row"